Getting to know myself

This is me. Christopher. Reusch. Creator of the world famous podcast 'spiritual advice from a barbarian lunatic'. Until this very day and in this very moment you first need to scroll past my pictures in order to read more about myself.

This is me with a beard in the snow.

This is me without a beard, after the snow had left.

Now you are probably wondering why I show these two pictures to you? Or maybe you are not. Well for one thing I do this, because I try to be funny. I like to portrait myself as the person that I truly want to be and not as the person that others want to see or expect. I could make this homepage very business-like and respectable. Only I do not want to do that. In this vast ocean of creativity, I want to do what the internet is made for. I want to be creative. As I state on the landing page: 'this is my playground', not yours. If you want to play on my playground, you just have to play by my rules. Otherwise, get your own playground. Some things just need to be said and this is one of them, possibly. Now I might come across as a very harsh guy. Well I can be, I'm German. I also can be very gentle though. I can walk around with a huge beard, or with a clean shave. My point is, I am human. As a human being I like to express myself and I like to be versatile. Humanity would not be humanity if it weren't for their individuality. I am an individual and I realised that I can be whoever I want to be. So I choose to be myself. Myself is not defined by the way I look on the outside, but by the way my soul dances when you look deep into my eyes. Maybe you were expecting some large paragraph on how awesome I am and what I accomplished in my life. Well, sorry about that. Putting my CV on my own homepage is not very creative. So I put on something which you would not expect, or maybe you would, if you would have met me. Enough with the would and would nots. Stop reading this stuff and have a look on the other parts, there is (or will be) much to discover. The future is yours, envision it well.

A lot of things have changed in my life recently. The two picture at the top of this page are not the person that you would meet today anymore. Who are we truly? We are not who we are on the outside. When I find the time you will find another picture of the persona I created in order to fullfill my life's goal. We often cling to the way we appear to others, but this can change. Already looking at the pictures 'with the beard' and 'without the beard' which were taken only a couple of weeks apart from each other, show how much we are able to change if we want to. When I can change this much in a matter of weeks, then what else is possible? What have I never even considered, but you have?

What else is there to say now that I introduced myself in this very unorganised way? Until now I haven't really spoken much about myself. I am sure you can discover one thing or other about my true being when you pay attention. Right now I feel like sharing a little bit more about myself and what I wish to accomplish in my life. I am a person that likes to face challenges head on. In the past I would be very determined to take this in the literal sense. I used to jump on every situation like a tiger ready for the kill. All or nothing, so to speak. Recently I have realised that sometimes a more thought-through approach is easier to deal with. My life has been a series of intense experiences and I appreciate every one of them. I learned many things during my life and one of them is to be patient. Patient was never one of my strong skills, especially in this fast paced world. I believe it is essential to truly embrace life. The strong pull of our need to progress can sometimes be overwhelming, but with patience it becomes managable. With patience we learn to cherish every moment and cherish every breath.

Now I still haven't said much about myself and I feel like I am avoiding to put too much of my true self on here, so you can learn to uncover the truth about me on your own. What I would like to say is that I appreciate you for the person you are. Without you, humanity would not be complete. Without every one of us, something would be missing. Take a breath and recreate yourself. Take this page as a reminder. Let it remind yourself of the person you are and the person you want to be, not the person you think you have to be. Forcing things upon us leaves us feeling trapped and frustrated. Be beautiful and follow your heart. After all, it has led you to read these lines of mine and follow the path that only you can see. Follow the path that unfolds once you start the spiritual journey. Discover what you like through others. Try and experience. Nothing else has led me to creatre this homepage and to share what I learned with others.