The sweetness of language

I like language and I like poetry. I like to express my feelings and my experiences with words. I enjoy beautiful words. Language is creation and as such I believe that we can use it to create something worth sharing. With this I would like to share what I perceive as beautiful.

Can you feel it?
Sweet words gliding out of your throat?
Can you feel them caressing your ears, like a freshly washed cotton handkerchief?
I can feel them.
Maybe you do to.
In this case feast your eyes on these words and celebrate language with me.

Rooftop poetry

I remember one morning last year very vividly. I was sitting on top of a roof and simply observed what was happening below and around me. This is what I captured.

The school bell rings,
birds chattering under a clear sky.
The turmoil of passing cars
and inside the longing for silence.

Over the rooftops I sit
and observe humans like ants, moving about
About what they make their business,
"Terribly important",
is what they say when you ask them.

Fear makes them run
until their hearts can no longer
and then...


The bubble is growing

Some lessons are learned by leaving everything behind. Sometimes we need to jump in order to find new ground. This poem speaks of change and the courage to look for a world beyond the one we already now. Do you have the courage? I believe you do.

Climb a tree,
jump a rock.
Do everything you did
when you weren't part of the flock

Fenced up, no way to escape.
Let me tell you something:
It was all fake!

The boundaries, the rules, the regret.
The fear when you got tucked in bed.

It was all a bubble,
but what if the bubble burst?
The fear of going back,
it couldn't get worse...

The bubble gets bigger,
more now fits in.
Suddenly you find it,
the space to grin.

To yourself
and to others.

The woman

Many moons ago I was slack-lining in the park. While I was busy with preparations a woman sat down on a bench. I started a conversation with her and for the first time in my life I understood what it means to see yourself in someone else. I knew that the woman was me and I was the woman and that both of us are a part of everything. This is the true meaning of 'oneness'. Being connected beyond words, through our love for each other.

I sat and talked to a woman.
The woman was talking to me
and while I talked to this woman
I saw this woman is me.

Her fear, her pain and her sorrow
this all I felt in myself.
I know I still love her tomorrow,
her joy and all the rest.

The healing itch

I would like to share a poem with you which I wrote on behalf of mother nature. Often we consider animals as disgusting or cruel, because we believe that they wish to harm us or make us sick. I myself do not see these animals in this way. I believe that everything which mother nature gives to us is a present to help us heal. Every so-called 'sickness' is in my understanding a form of healing.

What makes a ticks bite itch?
Is a mosquito an evil snitch?
Why is it I want to scratch?
To what does this feeling attach?

When a wound is crusted it heals,
then also the itching appears.
So what is the difference I ask?
Only in truth may I bask.

When something is itching it heals,
for both wound and ticks it appears.
Some beings are not what they seem,
or rather:
They are what they've always been.

Estrangement from nature has brought
and festered in unpleasant thought.
Please look for yourself and feel,
all nature wants is to heal.

Letter to a loved one

Part 1

First Half

Every choice and every decision was one step closer to you.
Every single time my heart was broken, it could grow a little bit.
So that in the end, I would not run any more when I met you.
What could really express what I feel for you? Except:
Can you see it? This moment?
Can you feel it? A heart beating inside your chest?
Whose heart you wonder? It is yours.
You may not remember how, but it was closed a long time ago.
You suffered. You cried. At times you felt alone.

Second Half

Hidden from your eyes there was a key.
This key was not for your heart, but for mine.
And I had the key to yours.
We opened each others hearts.
Finally they are able to grow.
Growing takes time, so I am patient.
Why me, you ask yourself?
Why me, I could respond.
Because together we are complete.

Part 2

A butterfly sat in a tree, to gently rest her wings.
Up in the sky just fluttered by a male with golden rings.
Guided by a feeling, he moved his wings to fly
and visit someone beautiful, so gentle and so shy.
Right next to her he landed, and could not trust his mind,
how could there be such beauty, so gentle and so kind?

Healthy ignorance

What do most people, including me, have in common? When there is a problem, we do everything we can to ignore it. Even when our dear ones - or perfect strangers - point their fingers on something, we tell ourselves - and others (but mostly ourselves) - that it is not true. We might even admit that we are not exactly living healthy. Only we will make ourselves believe that we cannot change it. Phrases, such as "I know I do not eat well, but I do NOT WANT to change it", are only too common. I hear them everywhere. Through my open mind and the training of my consciousness and intellect, my sharpness and clearness of observation have increased - check out my blog entry (Click this link to get to the just mentioned Blog article. Please excuse this very long and unnecessary link description.) for more on the topic of observation. I am able to watch and interpret behaviours that are not healthy, very easily. The problem lies in the observed. As I mention it there is discomfort and ignorance. Ignorance by choice, not fate. Change is a decision. Make it and live!

Sparkle, sparkle little star,
please remember who you are!
Long ago you fell to earth -
memories erased at birth.

Is this how you want to live,
Running errands, getting stiff?
Please remember, move yourself;
else you will destroy your self!

Can you make your body bloom?
Do you take the time to groom?
Everything you need to do,
make sure to take care of you!

Do not close your eyes to health,
cancer may be phrased as stealth.
Act before it is too late
How you lived, is how you ate.


A poem inspired by my current situation. I realised something which I needed to put into words. For so long have I looked for love and acceptance in others. I wanted to be understood. I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to be trusted. Only that others cannot give these things to us. We need to find happiness in ourselves and not in others. When we are pushed away, let us not look in ourselves for the mistake. We are good the way we are. Having realised this is the first step to liberation and freedom. We are not the mistakes of others.

How often I wandered these empty streets?
Trying my best, fulfilling my needs.
To make others happy, seems important enough,
but trying is trying and life can be tough.
Some act like they mean it, they play the good friend,
but when you are honest, they slap at your hand.
Your intention was good, you just wanted to help,
but some of us suffer, they don't want to be held.
So alone now I stand, writing these lines
and realise something that others helped find:
We cannot seek wholeness in others, I see;
what needs to be done is to find it in me!
I am who I am, only I know my truth.
To love myself, is to be who I choose.

A dream

I saw a man in wrinkles, that finely lined his face.
His figure tall above us all, he seemed to rule the place.
He spread a mood of hatred, directed towards me;
my form it felt uncertain, my heart felt jealousy.
Come he did by night and with him he brought friends.
see I did by light; learning never ends.
The ugly man was me, I know it in my heart.
To be completely free, I need embrace that part.